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Favourite Anime Endings | Kakumeiki Valvrave ED1 - Boku Janai
If we live only to die, why do I wish to become strong?

twelve days of snk: favorite male (4/∞)
When necessary, we must willing to take the big risks, and be prepared to lose everything.


Some peeps on twitter and I thought there’s this weird gap in this picture

maybe this could be taken after their shoot /lays down

in volleyball, you can’t drop the ball, you can’t hold the ball, and the same player can’t touch the ball twice - how do you plan to play by yourself?


Bloodflood | A mix for the runner-up who died like a dog [listen] [image]

1. The Prayer - Bloc Party | 2. This Fire - Franz Ferdinand | 3. Burn It Down - AWOLNATION | 4. Gun - Emiliana Torrini | 5. Harder To Breath - Maroon 5 | 6. Pretty Baby - Brendan Benson | 7. The Noose - A Perfect Circle | 8. The Outsider (Acoustic) - Marina and The Diamonds | 9. Laughing With A Mouth Full Of Blood - St. Vincent | 10. Satellite Heart - Anya Marina | 11. The Outsider (Acoustic) - A Perfect Circle | 12. Hands Down By Your Side - Funeral Suits | 13. Bloodflood - alt-j

Yato | 夜ト



Robb Stark is dead.

…the one you will answer to doesn’t have to be me.